Ohioans Should Take Practical Steps to Prevent Halloween Hazards

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ohioans Should Take Practical Steps to Prevent Halloween Hazards

COLUMBUS – Ohio Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Director Mary Taylor is reminding Ohioans to use common sense on trick-or-treat night to prevent Halloween hazards on your property or while driving.


“With so many unpredictable elements at play, everyone should be extra cautious on and around Halloween,” Taylor said. “People can minimize their risk by being proactive.”


For home and automobile owners, taking precautionary measures can reduce the chances of injury or having to file an insurance claim.


Experts suggest making sure your house is well-lit and the sidewalk, driveway and yard are free of obstructions so people can see where they’re going to reduce the likelihood of tripping or falling. Avoid lighting carved pumpkins with candles. Instead use battery powered light sources to eliminate fire hazards. Since children may be trick-or-treating after dark, motorists should drive slowly in residential areas, and watch for people darting from between parked cars and across the street. Consider keeping your outdoor lights on all night and parking your car in the garage.


The Department recommends talking with your insurance agent on a regular basis throughout the year to ensure you have adequate insurance protection. Also, those with insurance questions can call the Department’s consumer hotline at 1-800-686-1526.


Insurance information, including the Department’s new homeowners and auto insurance consumer guides, is available at www.insurance.ohio.gov. You can stay informed via social media by following the Department on twitter @OHInsurance and Facebook,  www.facebook.com/OhioDepartmentofInsurance.

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