Insurance Tips for Homeowners Suffering Water Pipe Damage


For Immediate Release: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taylor Offers Insurance Tips for Homeowners Suffering Water Pipe Damage Due to Severe Cold Weather


COLUMBUS – Reports are surfacing across the state that many homeowners experienced ruptured water pipes due to the recent severe cold weather, resulting in damage to their property. Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Director Mary Taylor is offering insurance tips to assist homeowner’s with the claim filings process.


“This week’s bitter cold was not only a threat to our health and safety, but it also caused damage to many Ohio homes.” Taylor said.  “If your home was damaged as a result of the record low temperatures, be sure to contact your insurance agent or insurer immediately.”


Information and Tips:

  • Take reasonable steps to prevent additional damage if      permitted by public safety authorities and if you will not endanger      yourself.
  • If required to seek temporary housing, check your      policy for “loss of use” coverage.
  • Be sure everything is considered in your claim. Back up      claims with written estimates.
  • Repairing damage to internal plumbing caused by      freezing will generally be covered by your homeowner’s policy. The policy      should also pay for damage to carpeting, furniture, and other belongings      caused by your own pipes freezing.
  • Damage from water entering your home from an outside      source, such as a broken water main, may not be covered. Damage from      external waters may be classified as “flood” or      “seepage,” which is not covered by a standard homeowner’s      policy.
  • If you live in an apartment or condominium, and water      from an upstairs neighbor’s pipes damages your property, you will be      covered under your own renters (or condo owners) policy. If you don’t have      such coverage, the neighbor’s liability policy may pay for your damage,      but only if you can prove the neighbor was negligent.
  • Repairs to frozen pipes on your property but not in the      home, such as in your yard, are not covered by standard homeowners      insurance.

“Depending on the source of the property damage, you may or may not be covered,” Taylor added. “In addition to contacting your agent or insurer, Ohioans can contact the Department’s Consumer Services Division at 1-800-686-1526.  The faster you take these steps, the more quickly your claim can be processed.”


Ohioans with insurance questions can call the Department’s consumer hotline at 1-800-686-1526 and visit for information. You can follow the Department on twitter @OHInsurance and on Facebook


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